Konvida® Surface Disinfection Wet Wipes
Konvida® Surface Disinfection Wet Wipes
Konvida® Surface Disinfection Wet Wipes
Konvida® Surface Disinfection Wet Wipes
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Konvida® Surface Disinfection Wet Wipes Instructions

(Please read carefully and use it according to the instructions)



Product Name: Konvida@ Surface Disinfection Wet Wipes


Product Specifications:1~300 sheets/pack (tube)

Main Raw Material & Active Composition: The product is made of nonwovens soaked with Konvida@ Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant; the content of compound quaternary ammonium salt in the soaking solution is 1,800-2.200mg/L.


Category of Target Microorganism: The product can effectively kill pathogenic enterobacteria, pyogenic cocci . pathogenic yeasts, and common nosocomial bacteria.

Range of Application: The product is suitable for surface wiping disinfection of medical equipment, medical articles, and other items (e.g. surface of low-risk non-critical items, including infant incubator, ventilator, monitor hemodialysis machine, shadowless lamp, operating table, dental unit, B-mode ultrasonic probe, slit lamp, stethoscope, and bed unit).


How to Use:

(1)Open the outer cover and uncover the 'OPEN' adhesive sticker, to get a sheet of surface disinfection wet wipe (in case of discontinuous use, please restore the adhesive sticker and close the outer cover).

(2)Spread out the surface disinfection wet wipe, and successively wipe the object surface from one side to the entire surface for 2 min to finish the disinfection.

(3) Once opened, the product will be effective for 30 days.

(4)Once used, the surface disinfection wet wipe should be collected as medical waste


(1) In case of obvious stains or bloodstains on the object surface, use one wet wipe to remove stains, then use a second one to remove stains again, and use a third one for wiping disinfection In case of a lot of dirt, disinfect it with proper disinfectant.

(2)Wiping area of each disinfection wet wipe is recommended to be1m2~2m2

(3)Follow the using principle of 'one wet wipe for one object' to avoid cross infection.

(4)Avoid eye contact. In case of contact with eye, rinse with clean water immediately.

(5)The product is a topical disinfection product. Avoid direct contact with the mouth. After wiping and disinfecting the surface of toys for infants, please wipe it with clean water before use.

(6)Keep the product away from light. Keep it sealed. Store it in a dry and cool place.


Shelf Life: 24 months.


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