Konvida® Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant
Konvida® Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant
Konvida® Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant
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Konvida® Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant Instructions

        (Please read carefully and use it according to the instructions)             

Product Name: Konvida ®Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant

Dosage Form: Liquid

Product specification: 500ml / bottle

Main Active Composition & Content: The product is a disinfectant mainly composed of compound quaternary ammonium salt. The content of compound quaternary ammonium salt is 0.18%-0.22% (w/v).

Category of Target Microorganism: The product can kill pathogenic enterobacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic yeasts, and common nosocomial bacteria.

Range of Application: 1. For surface disinfection of general objects in hospitals. 2. For surface disinfection of general objects in public places and at home. 3. For surface disinfection of household air conditioner filters (filter screens) and cooling fins.

How to Use:

For surface disinfection of general objects in hospitals and public places and at home: Use directly. Spray the disinfectant 15-20cm away from the desired surface, and moisten fully for 5 min. For heavy-dirty surface, clean up before disinfection with the product.

Air-conditioning disinfection: Turn off the air conditioning, remove the strainer mesh to expose the cooling fins of the heat exchanger, and spray the product approximately 5cm away from the cooling fins until it becomes moist; after 10 min, run the refrigeration program of the air conditioning for 15-30 min, and allow the sewage to be discharged from the drain pipe. Wash the filter mesh with clear water, then soak in the product for 5 min, and dry in the air.



The disinfectant is for external use only. Do not ingest it. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Do not use the product with soap or other anionic surfactant, so as not to affect the disinfection effect.

Avoid eye contact, for fear of injury.

Use the product with caution because it is mildly corrosive to carbon steel, copper, and aluminum.

When the product is used for air conditioning disinfection, turn off the air conditioning first, and protect the plug.

Keep it sealed, and store it in a dry and cool place.


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